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The University of Pretoria and KU Leuven have joined forces to strengthen the academic eco-system for social entrepreneurship to lay the strategic groundwork in strengthening indigenous knowledge in social entrepreneurship in Southern Africa.  This four-year project aims to identify and bring together universities and researchers, connecting them to research opportunities and academic partnerships, creating a network of inter-university collaborations and support through knowledge sharing, developing a portfolio of research which employs regional educational material that is valuable to practitioners in the field.  ANSES was born out of this project and is an academic network bringing together social entrepreneurship scholars who are either based or doing extensive work in Africa.

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@ANSES19 (African Network of Social Entrepreneurship Scholars) is an academic network bringing together #socent scholars either based or doing extensive work in Africa

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Friends - did your social venture pursue a crowdfunding campaign? Do you know someone who did? Our hope is to assist in creating an enabling environment and contributing to greater awareness of crowdfunding. 12 minutes, in English or French.

Today, we had our panel: Publishing in academic journals (qualitative studies) where we listened to @michaeljamesroy about his thoughts on how to publish impactful research. Thank you, Michael and everyone for stepping by @UllaHytti @holt_prof @socialkerryn @MohFarhoud

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Our first webinar “winning recipes for high-impact research”, part of a series of 4 on High-Impact Research will start in few minutes. Speaker @sophiebacq, hosts Alex Bignotti and @MohFarhoud. See you just now 🙂

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As ANSES, we are committed to advancing social entrepreneurship scholarship and research in Africa. So, we've managed to make some funding available mainly for conference attendance and language editing of manuscripts (journal articles, theses and the like).


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At ANSES, we also facilitate research skills training, knowledge sharing and collaborations. Our events are organised with these goals in mind. During our previous events, participants had the opportunity to improve their research profile by meeting other social entrepreneurship scholars, learning from some of the best scholars in the field, being exposed to the latest trends in research and teaching, and networking with each other.

  • October 4 2021

    Webinar 2021

    Curious about teaching cases and how to use them in the classroom to bring social entrepreneurship to life? Want to know about using your research in teaching cases as another avenue for publication? Always wanted to write a teaching case, but unsure of where to start? Join us for a session where we introduce teaching cases and the value that they bring to the social entrepreneurship classroom and to you as an academic.

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  • September 28 2020

    Webinars 2020

    The webinars are organised by the African Network of Social Entrepreneurship Scholars (ANSES). ANSES is an academic network committed to enabling the capacity of African academics to conduct research on social entrepreneurship in Africa.

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  • August 14 2019

    Workshop 2019

    The Unit for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Pretoria, KU Leuven and the African Network of Social Entrepreneurship Scholars (ANSES) invite you for a research workshop on forming research collaborations in the field of social entrepreneurship in Africa.

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  • July 31 2018

    Colloquium 2018

    This colloquium brings together academics, researchers and aspiring thinkers from across the world to discuss and agree a research agenda in social entrepreneurship for Southern Africa, and potentially the continent.

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